10.25" Faux Jute Small Stripe Mesh Ribbon: Hot Pink, Lavender, Green, Yellow, Turquoise (10 Yards)

A 10.25-inch wide, 10 yard roll of faux jute small stripe mesh ribbon in hot pink, lavender, green, yellow and turquoise poly fibers. Use this PP/faux jute small stripe mesh to bring your next wreath creation over the top! This versatile mesh is easily adaptable to any display you see fit; colored in hot pink, green, yellow, lavender and turquoise stripes, it will undoubtedly look stylish in any scenario! Add this mesh to a work wreath, garlands, swags, or even trees to wrap your home decor in style! Be sure to pair your mesh with a variety of ribbon and colorful tubing to show off your creative ingenuity! RY8321D8

Ships December 17, 2021