12" Metal Sign: Welcome Hummingbird

Celebrate the lovely hummingbird with the help of this welcome sign! This sign includes an assortment of vivid flowers which the hummingbird feeds from. This sign will look right at home in a wreath display, with some added floral sprays, picks and bushes! Hang this sign by the front door, or even near the garden, to greet all who enter! Create an inviting atmosphere in your home with our 12" Metal Sign: Welcome Hummingbird! Featuring an array of colorful flowers that attract hummingbirds, this sign is a charming addition to any interior or outdoor décor. Place it by the front door or in your garden for a warm and welcoming touch. MD0922

Dimension: 12" in diameter and 1/16" thick. There are 2 small holes already drilled out along top and bottom edge for easy wreath attachment. MD0922

Ships December 17, 2021