4" Resin Snowflake Candy Ornaments (Asst 2)

These ornaments feature intricate snowflake designs adorned with colorful candy accents, adding a touch of wintry delight and sugary charm to your festive decor. Each assortment includes two Snowflake Candy Ornaments, and each ornament showcases a unique snowflake design with candy-inspired embellishments. These ornaments feature delicate details such as candy cane stripes, gumdrop shapes, and lollipop swirls, creating a delightful and festive combination of winter and candy themes. D4425

  • Materials: Resin 80%, Cloth 10%, Wood Solid 10%
  • Measures: 4"
  • Hangs from a white ribbon
  • Assortment of 2

*NEW* Coming Summer 2024!

In stock after June 3, 2024